A few words about the company.

Our Company

Our company was founded in 1987 and and since then we manufacture various types of tents, tops, covers and upholstery, mostly for boats but also for houses and stores.

We offer a wide range of products aiming to cover your every need: tents of various sizes and forms for sailing boats and yatchs, bimini tops, spray-hoods, covers, cushions for indoor & outdoor use, curtains and many other products.

Our Philosophy

Our company's philosophy is to provide a "custom-made" product addressed only to you, taking into account your personal desires & needs as well as your vessel's special features.

It is very important to us to keep our customers satisfied so we always deliver on time and use the best materials in the market which guarantee top quality of the end product.

Our Goal

Our goal is but one: customer satisfaction.

We firmly believe that our experience of many years in this field together with our specialized know-how, guarantee the result.

Our customers are, after all, the best advertisment for us....

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Below are some of our best works we have done for clients.

Who is Babis Lempesis

A few things about him.
    Babis Lempesis

    Babis Lempesis

    Babis Lempesis was born in 1963 and was raised in Piraeus. At the age of 14 he decided to learn how to sail and joined Olympiakos' sailing team. Starting from the "Optimist" class, he went on and some years later he was racing with open sea sailing boats. He has participated in many races, both in Greece as well as abroad, and counts, as crew member, many wins.

    His love of the sea led him to look for an occupation that would allow him to be close to it. From 1980 and for 4 years he worked for a sail-maker. After that, for some time he worked as a skipper for sailing boats and soon after he completed his military service for the Navy in 1986, he started his own business in Aimos manufacturing tents and boat covers - a business that remains his main occupation to this day.

Our products

Full range of products.

Below please find a list of the products we manufacture. If you wish to order an item not listed below, do not hesitate to ask us if we can make it for you.

  • Tents for sailing boats of various types
  • Tents for yachts - bimini tops
  • Dodgers: spray-hoods, enclosures, etc.
  • Covers for sailing boats and yachts
  • Covers for instruments, wheels, keels, etc
  • Cushions/mattresses for indoors
  • Cushions for outdoors
  • Seats
  • Canvas for deck-chairs
  • Curtains
  • Tool pockets
  • Floating ancors
  • Bags for various uses

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